Tuesday, 25 August 2015


After heaven had been moved away from earth,
After earth had been separated from heaven,
After the name of man had been fixed;
After An had carried off heaven,
After Enlil had carried off earth,
After Ereshkigal had been carried off into Kur as its prize...

There are two main references in Mesopotamian (Sumerian /Akkadian) stories that correspond to the modern concept of a Close Encounter.

The first has been quoted above, from 'The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character'
 By Samuel Noah Kramer.

The second also comes from the epic of Gilgamesh...The ominous dreams Enkidu suffers as he and Gilgamesh journey deep into the ceder forest to kill the protector of the trees, the monster Humbaba..

Here is Enkidu's third, and final dream:
Then, at midnight, sleep left him; he got up and said to his friend, 'Did you call me, or why did I wake? Did you touch me, or why am I terrified? Did not some god pass by, for my limbs are numb with fear? My friend, I saw a third dream and this dream was altogether frightful. The heavens roared and the earth roared again, daylight failed and darkness fell, lightnings flashed, fire blazed out, the clouds lowered, they rained down death. Then the brightness departed, the fire went out, and all was turned to ashes fallen about us.
The phenomenon described in modern times as the experience of Satanic abuse, and of alien abduction, including the description Livy gives of the cult of Dionysos brought into Roman society by Paculla Annia...are powerful, traumatic, and will be trans-formative...anyone undergoing abduction will be changed forever...

Men were fastened to a machine and hurried off to hidden caves, and they were said to have been rapt away by the gods; these were the men who refused to join their conspiracy or take a part in their crimes or submit to pollution. They formed an immense multitude, almost equal to the population of Rome; amongst them were members of noble families both men and women. It had been made a rule for the last two years that no one more than twenty years old should be initiated; they captured those to be deceived and polluted.
Unfortunately, for those who wish to control it, the location of this experience is impossible to fix in time or space.
  • When it is believed that the origin of abduction is extra or ultra-terrestrial, the entities responsible are beyond the stars, and beyond our phase of the multiverse.
  • When the entities are supposed to be daemonic or angelic, there is no book that provides a sure way to contact them.
  • When the agent is terrestrial, and human, 'they' are people with wealth and power, who prey like vampires upon the young and innocent...and are protected by the laws of the state.
An attempt to locate the true origin of the abduction as entirely within the human mind appears simpler.

Though Homer muddies the water somewhat, by saying as I would say:
For two are the gates of shadowy dreams, and one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfillment. But those that come forth through the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them. But in my case it was not from thence, methinks, that my strange dream came...
Whitley Strieber (whose diary you can read here )  sounds something like Enkidu in: "Summer of Promise, Summer of Danger," July 12th, 2003  if you replace his word visitors with Gods:
"Remember this: earth has given birth to something we call the human mind. But the visitors view it as a precious resource of innovation and, ultimately, of ecstasy. They are indifferent to power, but willing to use dark appearances to give lessons."
Terence McKenna made a similar point when he wrote:
 "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us."
Alternatively, Stanislav Grof describes a firing of neurons located within synaptic networks deep inside the oldest structures of the brain...Birth memories create the basic perinatal matrix, and  'Systems of Condensed Experience' are tagged together by memories forged during moments of extreme emotional charge...the emotional tone defines each system....an intrusive replay of the birthing experience corresponds in so many ways to abduction.

No matter how often we read of the negative aspects of the abduction experience, there is more to it than pathology.

It is after all, the experience of initiation.

Last word goes to Publius Aelius Aristides Theodorus (Greek: Αἴλιος Ἀριστείδης; 117–181 CE) Oration 48.32 :
For there was a feeling as if taking hold of the god and of clearly perceiving that he himself had come, of being midway between sleeping and waking, of wanting to look, of struggling against his departure too soon; of having applied one’s ears and hearing some things as in a dream, some waking; hair stood straight, tears flowed in joy; the burden of understanding seemed light. What man is able to put these things into words? Yet if he is one of those who have undergone initiation, he knows and is familiar with them.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Almost finished here....

Thursday August 6 2015.
It was the last day of the Avebury, Kennet Avenue.
I really wanted to see a naked post hole.

Our first destination that day was the UFO capital of Britain -well, one of several - Warminster.
I think I was hoping to find the UFO cafe or some such; a shop dedicated to UFO memorabilia perhaps.

There was a mural...

The inclusion of 'Doritos' shaped UFOs allows one to date the earliest year it could have been painted.

Then on to Avebury...
I must come over as completely at home, as if I know where I'm going and what I'm doing. The National Trust man was about to give me access to behind the fence so I could hang out with the archaeologists, and I'm laughing and saying "gosh no!!!! I don't know them"

And then things go down hill
Just a bit.

Because I do have questions
One in particular
And I expect Josh Pollard to know the answer
And he is just behind that fence.
To the question....
Have the bones found at C 12 the Sanctuary, been carbon dated?

And this is so frustrating..
The National Trust man says, 'burial, no that's Woodhenge' and I say 'no...really...no, please ask.

So he goes behind the fence
And I can't look.

Over the years I've come to love the Sanctuary.

We didn't get off to a very good beginning

I think it makes most people feel the way it made me feel; like there is too much gravity somehow, and the sound of the cars and Waitrose lorries and the way the road cuts the Sanctuary off from the barrows...it isn't an easy place.

More often than not, offerings are left here.

Flowers and feathers...
Use will make the place live.
More important than markers!

So I set my phone timer to 20 min's
And wrote:

5:40 PM Thursday afternoon.

Bright bright late afternoon light.
Pages flickering against my pen as I write.
The rush of cars over the sound of the wind.

Just returned from the Avebury dig. Needed to ask JP a question via the lovely NT man. Seems JP who began his archaeology with the Sanctuary has become more inclined towards the bigger and more impressive wood to stone-land of living and dead-ritual landscape approach taken by MPP. Makes sense financially. The answer to my question - has the skeleton found at the Sanctuary been carbon dated - came back via the NT man as...'a Beaker burial, probably local' . JP didn't know if it had been dated, MPP says 'it was 'local'....but I can't ask 'why do you say that?' Has there been a DNA test, or are you going by the style of beaker?...

Always the sound of cars here.
A grass hopper, sound drowned out by the endless flowing road...

At the center today an apple! flowers and feathers.
Two posts become the center.

Small post markers ever more like rotting teeth, walloped by the lawn mower when the grass is cut, breaking and crumbling...Guess I'll return once a year with flour and mark out the pathways when all the red markers have gone.

At Avebury, seems a wide path predated the stone-lined avenue. A post hole present off the Avenue, on the Waden hill side...behind the fence.

More cars.

People arrive and wander around, through the Sanctuary's broken walls and pathways.

NT man said Marsden timber circle is a mirror image, or replica of Woodhenge...needs checking...but really my experience now is sadness and a heavy heart. I am allergic to archaeology; the lines separating who can hear knowledge, who can provide knowledge. The hierarchical nature, and commodification of archaeology.

Culture wars and fault lines.