Tuesday, 17 January 2017

AltaVista Pentagram.

 DooM 3 pentagrams.

The blue one is the orange one Paintshoped.


I wish that I'd taken a screenshot of the ghosts corridor full of pentagrams / spawn points, it really was beautiful.

As to the meaning of the pentagram symbol?
Well in Doom3 and in Quake3Arena, the pentagram, the five-point-star, is a type of portal.

Regeneration: Spawn point in Q3A.

In Doom, the nasties warp in from hell on these red-orange devices, whilst you warp into and out of hell via blue ones.

In Q3A, spawn points spawn power-ups, the Quad etc. This indicates that the Quad is a demonic gift...Or some such...That the demonic power of the ID [see Forbidden Planet] can be used to great advantage by one fast and sure enough to seize the opportunity.

It is a lot of fun to treat all things as metaphoric-symbolically true and imbued with great and wondrous meanings.

But if you take another look....

From Wiki: The Dopefish is a fictional fish that originated in the fourth Commander Keen video game, Secret of the Oracle, released in 1991. The character has since evolved into a PC game industry in-joke, making appearances in games from Apogee's 1994 Wacky Wheels as well as titles as recent as the 2006 SiN Episodes: Emergence and 2007 Chili Con Carnage and more recently including 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution and 2012 Natural Selection 2.
Id logo.
ID actually stands for- ideas from the deep.
UAC logo.
From Doom Wiki: The Union Aerospace Corporation is the fictional multi-planetary conglomerate (possibly a megacorporation) that operates facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, where Doom takes place.
Original Doom  guy.

Grant Kendall.

We were trying to
KonMarie some more.

Photos and letters
And I found
A eulogy for Grant Kendall

Which ended with these words:
Most of us can not appreciate that which drove him to the desperate act of this week. We can pray that he has found the peace that has alluded him for so long.
I don't know who Grant Kendall was.
I texted my friend, because his eulogy was among the letter that she sent me...

And she doesn't know who Grant was, either.

I will never know how this man's life history as told at his funeral, has become tangled up with letters to me...

He was born in New York on May 8 1952.
He died on Tuesday January 23 in 1990 at the age of 37, in San Jose CA...

He left a poem
The least I can do is spin it forwards:

The Rain Tree.

There was a long hallway to the rear door
And in the door there was a small window
about six by six with wire mesh in it
so it couldn't be shattered.

And through the window I could see
A big field of cut dry grass and a large rain tree.
I would stand at the door for five minutes, maybe ten,
And then I would walk down the hallway
And through the rec room to the opposite side of the ward
Where there was set a bookshelf
-and a potted plant a top of it of the wondering jew
- variety.

There was a courtyard outside the barred window where
someone parked a motorcycle.

I would stand there before the window in an ache of
loneliness and desperation and solitude
And without words pray a longing to be released
To be well. 
To be free.

At times earlier in my life
When I had been institutionalized and found occupation
in my loneliness by standing in the sunlight
before the alter of a barred window
I would only ask in prayer for the freedom to enjoy a cup of espresso.

I would think how the coffee tasted
How the coffee house bustled with Bohemians
and of the comrades I had there.

But now there was none of that
No visualization of any object of desire
Only deliverance.

The drugs they had me on made it impossible for me to stand or sit still.

The short pause I made at the window before the courtyard

And the doorway down the long hallway was all I could manage.

After the passing of months the rain tree became God for me
And I would direct my wordless prayer to it.

The rain tree was majestic, and towering, and beautiful
in its complexity of knotted branches.

It seemed eternal.
And all knowing.

A witness to the comings and goings of these four walls.

Grant Kendall. 13th November 1989.